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The Industry-Leading Human Capital Benchmarking Platform


Human capital continues to be one of the largest investments on the balance sheet and is directly correlated with profitability. As costs continue to rise, now more than ever it is essential to assess and optimize your human capital spend. RUBIX™, is Rebalance HCA's benchmarking platform that serves to immediately address areas of overspending on human capital.


In 5 days or less, RUBIX™ ]will intake you entire contingent workforce and will benchmark each rate per employee based on geography, experience, skill set, arrangement (onshore, offshore, remote, in-person, hybrid), & staffing agency.

Platform Capabilites

Benchmark Human Capital Costs

Reduce workforce expenditures by 22-30% by requesting a Rebalance HCA Benchmark of worker costs.

Manage Workforce Effectively

Track open and filled positions, contingent worker contracts, and employee costs both monthly and yearly in one ML-backed platform.

High Visibility on Your Contingent Workforce

Log notes from negotiations with staffing companies on worker costs, or track progress as Rebalance HCA performs the negotiation.

Location Optimization

Utilize true cost analysis to determine salary & rate discrepancies and rebalance talent based on geographic location.

Forecast Yearly Workforce Spend

Watch savings accumulate from workforce cost reduction and easily budget for any new positions.

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